Sites for learning more about performance standards and assessment

ASCD: Performance Standards

The Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development are the people who have published most of the books we have available in the professional collection. Good stuff, research based.

Concept to Classroom: a series of workshops

From WNET, New York's PBS network affiliate, a series of very good workshops on the whole shebang. Highly recommended.

HPR*TEC Solutions

Some fabulous web tools for integrating technology in your performance standards lessons. You will especially want to check out RubiStar, which will make rubrics automatically for you; TrackStar, which will record websites for you so you can construct a lesson around them; and Project Based Learning Checklists, which will automatically generate, well, you know.

Authentic Assessment Toolbox

Authentic Assessment Toolbox is a how-to hypertext on creating authentic tasks, rubrics and standards for measuring and improving student learning.

Introduction to Performance Tasks

We all cringe at the very mention of the state Iowa, but this school district really has its act together in supporting performance task instruction.

Re:Learning by Design: resources

You'll be hearing a lot about "backwards design" and Learning by Design, by Silver & Strong. Here's their website, with some resources.

Effective Teaching and Learning Practices

From the folks at the North Central Regional Educational Laboratory.

Implementing Performance Assessment in the Classroom

From a white paper done for a technology class at West Georgia. Also check out Converting to Performance Assessment, and Assessing the Assessment, from the same paper.